The Name

The name. Iliada Beach Hotel takes its name from Homer’s “Iliad”, an ancient Greek epic poem, worldwide considered as a masterpiece. Homer’s “Iliad” talks about 51 days towards the end of the Trojan War. From the pages of this poem many “immortal” heroes emerge like the greatest warrior of his time, the mighty and brave king Achilles, the king of kings, Agamemnon, the cunning king, Odysseus, the enormous king Ajax and the best warrior of the Trojan ranks, the great prince of Troy, Hektor. A tale of bravoury, glory, love and sorrow. A tale of great men, a tale of war, “Iliada”.

The Owners

The owners. Takos, Wafaa and their two sons Andy and Eric own and run the hotel. Christos or “Takos”, the father, born in Gouvia in 1943, is the owner and the oldest of three brothers, who created the hotel. After studying in Switzerland and a long career in the hotel chain Club Mediterrane almost everywhere around the Mediterranean sea, but mainly in Egypt, he starts building the hotel in 1981. The hotel opens its doors to the public in July 1982 and takes its final form including the bar and restaurant in 1983. Since then and up to today, Takos is the main leader of the hotel establishment.

Wafaa, the mother, born in Egypt in 1954, she met Takos when she was a tour guide in Egypt, got married in Corfu and has been at his side since the beginning assisting in the smooth function of the hotel and restaurant. Following her dream, she studied again and since 1998 she is a tour guide for Greece as well, while simultaneously helping her husband and sons run the family business.

Andrianos or “Andy”, the oldest son, born in Corfu in 1983, and Eric, the youngest son, born in Corfu in 1987 and a father himself, have grown up in the hotel, working from a young age and getting experience. After their studies in tourism business administration and working in other hotels, they form the second generation running the hotel and with fresh ideas trying constantly to bring the hotel to the level they dream.