Sailing boats and powered craft from all over the world sail in the marina of Gouvia enjoying the beauties of the sea and the environment, the cool breeze and beautiful Corfu. The actual construction of the present Marina began in 1996. The first phase of development increased the capacity to 960 berths. The construction of four modern and luxurious WCs, the Fuel Station, the Super market, a restaurant, and the Public Services building have already been completed as well as the second phase which included an Administration building, a swimming pool, a shopping centre and other constructions. Today the Marina has matured to offer a level of facilities for yachting and motor cruising enthusiast that would be hard to surpass.
The Venetian arsenal at Gouvia was a shipyard built by the Venetians during their rule of Corfu on the west side of what used to be called Govino Bay, the current location of the modern village of Gouvia. The remains of the old arsenal still exist at the Bay of Gouvia, and are located approximately 8 km from Corfu city. The ruins are behind the modern marina of the port of Gouvia and are separated from it by an iron fence. The Venetians used the bay as a port and their arsenal was built near the water. The Venetian shipyard features three arched docks which were used to service their two fleets which were stationed in Corfu. The columns, walls and arches of the arsenal survive almost intact but the roof is missing. The use of the arsenal was officially discontinued when the Treaty of Campo Formio, which was signed on 18 October 1798, signalled the end of the Venetian Republic. Admiral Ushakov landed his troops at the site of the arsenal and created a military camp there during the Siege of Corfu in 1798. The arsenal also functioned as a base for the French in 1917–1918  
On the other side of Gouvia bay lies the Church of the Ipapanti of Christ – the church of the purification of Christ, built in 1713 during Venetian rule by Daniel Kombitsi. After his death, all of his family property, including the Church of the Ipapanti of Christ, passed to the Theotoki family and was afterwards bought by the Italian family Scarpa. After the death of Dr. Yannis Scarpas, the church gradually fell into a state of disrepair and abandonment. In 1996 a number of people from Gouvia, concerned about the fate of the church, formed a fund-raising committee with the aim of the complete restoration of the church and with the help of financial donations made by members of the Christian community, work began in order to restore the church to its original form.
Distances: 7,5 km away from Corfu town 8 km away from the airport 6 km away from the port 400 m away from the private Marina of Gouvia 300 m from bus stop 250 m from taxi rank 0 m away from doctor’s cabinet 1 km away from hospital 80 m away from pharmacy 400 m away from gas station 50 m away from mini market Surroundings Around and at a walking distance from the Iliada Beach Hotel one can find : Public pebble beach Sunbeds and umbrellas to hire at the beach Beach volley court Numerous restaurants of all kind and bars Souvenir, leather, clothing and shoe shops Two mini markets Two pharmacies Gas station Doctor’s cabinet Private Gouvia Marina Old Venetian Shipyards