The Achilleion Palace is a truly magnificent royal mansion on the island of Corfu, situated within a close proximity from the town of Corfu, in a place called Gastouri. Raffaele Caritto and Antonio Landi constructed this lavish palace in 1890 for the Empress of Austria, Elisabeth (or else known as Sissy). The palace is one of the finest buildings on the entire island and it has been named after the epic hero Achilles from Iliad. Its décor is distinctive and there is a strong influence of the Greek mythology. The lush gardens boast exceptional marble statues, such as that of Dying Achilles which fascinates all visitors.
Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy several superb paintings and the distinctive décor of the neoclassical building. Thanks to its privileged location, the guests enjoy spectacular views to the Ionian Sea, along with the hills and valleys all around.