Vidos is an island right on the harbour of Corfu town, which is one of the highlights in the region. You can visit the islet via small traditional boats and particularly during summer months. Your visit will be a memorable experience, since there is superb natural beauty all around and you can enjoy lush greenery, along with absolute serenity and abundant sunlight. There is a hiking trail for those who wish to discover the interior of the island.  If you are up for a dive, there are two secluded beaches that allow splendid moments by the sea for you and your precious company.
Launched in 1978, the Municipal gallery of Corfu has hosted a rich collection from local artists of the island. All the visitors may find masterpieces from the collections of Samartzis and Aglaia Papa, as well as Phillipos Makotsis and Nikolaos Ventouras. As for the actual masterpieces on display, they come from the 19th century. This is where most notable artists flourished in Corfu, including Haralambos Pachis, Pavlos Prossalendis Jr, Angelos Giallinas, Vicentios Boccaciampis, S. Skarvelis, Lyk. Koyevinas and G. Samartxis.
Corfu art gallery is an exhibition of the traditional art developed in Corfu over the years. Originally launched as the place where a single collector’s property was displayed (Michail Aggelos Vradis), the place has progressed a lot. A lot of artists from Corfu have displayed their work there, making the art gallery a place where art is celebrated every single day. There has been steady and fruitful cooperation between Corfu art gallery and the Municipal art gallery on the island, art in Corfu is managed in a wonderful manner and provides exceptional options to travellers and art enthusiasts.
Pontikonissi is one of the world-renowned attractions in Corfu, meaning the island of mice in Greek. It is a place of amazing natural beauty and a destination filled with rich flora and fauna, certainly worth visiting during your stay on the island. Located at the lagoon of Chalikiopoulos just opposite the airport of the island, visitors are encouraged to embark on small boats and take a trip to this natural marvel. It is called the island of mice due to the small size it boasts, while there is only one building on the island (the Byzantine Church of Pantokrator). It is also worth noting that Pontikonissi is only free to reach on the day the monastery is celebrated, which is August 6 every year. This is when people are allowed to access the whole islet and not just admire it from afar. On other days, only a small part of Pontikonissi is offered for exploration.  
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